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Randomonium Vol. 3

15 Apr

This edition of Randomonium is quite special, here you will see  how we use our “Words”, some pretty cool people, and just a few places and things that aren’t necessarily what you’d expect out of everyday life.

Life & Times of Danny DeadBeets & Co.

How could anyone lose playing SEMEN?!?

I dont think "TITSOR" is a word... Although it would make a gnarley 50 ft monster!


I thought this was hilarious! My opponent?? Not so much... -_-

The old white guy driving was being followed by a bus that had a vanity plate that read "DA BEARS"


I SPOSE I can rock with Spose!! jk Theyre Great!!

My summer look.... Forrealz!!


Follow @SutterInk , the man is an absolute Genius!!!

Her Chucks are black, My All-Stars are Red


We were close!!

Then we were far... uggh!!


1 of 2 OBEY Pieces in Pittsburgh!

Devil Dog!

This is where the Hummus Monster lives.

Hope you all enjoyed!!!
Stay Wise, Stay True, Stay You!
– DeadBeetz

Today’s Pair 03•18•11

18 Mar

Damn it feels good to be a DeadBeet!!

– DeadBeetz

Today’s Pair 03•16•11

16 Mar

– DeadBeetz

March Madness OG Air Jordan Tournament Bracket

16 Mar

Shout out to


Last year,’s March Madness Sneaker Tournament was a huge hit with readers, so you know they had to bring it back again for this year’s Big Dance festivities. During their previous sneaker tourney, it seemed that a lot of people were voting for a specific colorway rather than the overall shoe as intended, so for the 2011 edition, they figured – let’s take all possible confusion out and just make it a battle royale between the 32 greatest OG Air Jordan colorways of all time. The concept here is the best original Bulls-era Air Jordan colorways going toe to toe to see which shoe stands above them all. You may not agree with all the selections or seedings, but I can pretty much guarantee that this is going to be a lot of fun for everybody once the madness begins. Almost every shoe featured here is a juggernaut in its own right, so it should be pretty interesting to see how this one plays out. Just like last year, it will be the readers who decide the outcomes, so head over to Sneaker News HD to examine the brackets and check back tomorrow night for the start of the Round 1 voting.

I got my picks so make sure you get yours in!!

– DeadBeetz

Today’s Pair 03•12•11

12 Mar


Craziness sitting in Pittsburgh traffic for 2+ hours… S/n: I wonder if Farrakhan is enjoying the St. Patty’s Day parade… Welcome to PGH!!!!

Today’s Pair 03•11•11

11 Mar

Today’s Pair 03•10•11

10 Mar