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Randomonium Vol. 3

15 Apr

This edition of Randomonium is quite special, here you will see  how we use our “Words”, some pretty cool people, and just a few places and things that aren’t necessarily what you’d expect out of everyday life.

Life & Times of Danny DeadBeets & Co.

How could anyone lose playing SEMEN?!?

I dont think "TITSOR" is a word... Although it would make a gnarley 50 ft monster!


I thought this was hilarious! My opponent?? Not so much... -_-

The old white guy driving was being followed by a bus that had a vanity plate that read "DA BEARS"


I SPOSE I can rock with Spose!! jk Theyre Great!!

My summer look.... Forrealz!!


Follow @SutterInk , the man is an absolute Genius!!!

Her Chucks are black, My All-Stars are Red


We were close!!

Then we were far... uggh!!


1 of 2 OBEY Pieces in Pittsburgh!

Devil Dog!

This is where the Hummus Monster lives.

Hope you all enjoyed!!!
Stay Wise, Stay True, Stay You!
– DeadBeetz

Fashion Fanboy

24 Feb

If I haven’t already explained my affinity for clothing or all things nerd, than this should do the trick…

A few of my faves sporting a few of my faves…. S/O to Boba Fett for rocking Visvims and Supreme (OVO much?!?!)

S/N:  Darth Vader is freaking the ish out of those Sperry’s

Word to ya motha!!

24 Feb

First it was minimalism and now it’s typography that seems to be the new trend in graphic design. I’m not complaining though, I love it (as long as it’s good)!

Josh Mirman created this A Very Wordy Hero typo poster of Mario. I think what makes this poster extra fun is the words Josh uses in the posters.


S/N: #TeamCoCo

Artsy Fartsy… More Artsy, Less Fartsy

5 Dec

As a self-appointed ambassador to the masses through what is more commonly known as “the blog-o-sphere” I feel it is my duty to not only entertain but educate as well. The topic of today’s cultural PSA is ART… How much do we as a young culture actually know about art and the polishing pioneers that gave us the creative freedom to become graphic “ARTISTS” or graffiti “ARTISTS”?? I emphasize the words art and artists because these are the titles that we have chosen to don (in vain).

I myself do dabble in paints, canvases, spray cans, Pilot fat markers, and any other tools that can easily leave a colored mark on some form of sailcloth creating “ART“. So I am also guilty…

So in order to redeem myself I decided to school you folks on some of the dopest modern artists to turn an original idea into a work of ART that would be remembered for generations to come.

Keep your eyes peeled because some of these paintings, and pictures are some of the coolest things you will ever see…

Stay Safe, Stay Wise, Stay True

– DedBeetz

“Number 1” by Jackson Pollack

“Pop Art Campbell’s” by Andy Warhol

Titled “The Boxer by Jean-Michel Basquiat 1982

“Batman” by Carlos Lerma

Carlos Lerma made this super cool Batman art I originally found on (<- which has the dopest stuff btw!).

“Street Fighter” by Infinite Continues

I love minimalist art but this Street Fighter rendition takes it to a different level. This is made by Infinite Continues check out his Flickr for more cool minimalist art. He also did a Turbo Street Fighter version and Mortal Kombat.They are also available as t-shirt here ( It’s even better if you recognize them all…

I hope these paintings and pictures opened you up to a whole new world (singing the song from alladin lol) and please stay tuned because this wont be the last time you see posts like these.

Not sure who did this last one but I thought it was pretty cool…lol