Thanks for stopping by,

I go by the name of Danny DeadBeetz ( no that is not the name the good lord gave me, and yes that is a misnomer).  I will be your proverbial tour guide through the mind of a young man from New Haven, CT (currently squatting in Pittsburgh) with nothing better to do besides blog about his impending success and the trials and obstacles that come along with trying to create a name for yourself in an industry ruled by people you hate. I was born in Brooklyn, NY on the the 27th day in July of 1988 (The hottest day of the summer, according to Spike Lee) I am the survivor of a heroin addicted father and a mother who tried to make sure I wasn’t consumed by the same asphalt amazon that took the lives of my dad and about a hundred other people from our neighborhood that year. So she picked up and moved myself and 3 sisters to the “not-so-mean” (or so she thought) streets of New Haven. It was a long journey to get to where I am today so stick around and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Again thanks for checking out the blog, I promise to keep you captivated.

Stay Safe, Stay Wise, Stay True, STAY YOU!

– DeadBeetz



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