Star Wars X Adidas Stan Smith 80’s Mid (Imperial Guard)

26 Feb

I rarely post about specific sneakers or my love of and respect for said culture, but when I saw the Star Wars inspired Stan Smith 80’s Mid pictured above I knew I had to share this with the world. Adidas has been showing the epic George Lucas saga major play for quite a while and I have had a love/hate relationship with the collaboration’s  efforts since its inception only because {more often than not } the silhouettes are over done and concepts over used, but in a very subtle attempt to bring the collab back to the fashion forefront Adidas X Star Wars decided to throw a premium two-tone red suede upper on this classic silo. Even with the wine colored crushed velvet inner lining,  tongue and leather red tongue tag sporting the face of one of the Emperor’s Royal Guard, I still wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t until I journeyed towards the heel of this entrancing piece of fanboy footwear that I fell truly in love,  covered in red patent leather with a solitary black stripe placed horizontally across the heel cup is the mask of The Imperial Guard.

Attention to detail and subtle dopeness have a habit of catching me at my most vulnerable when it comes to footwear, simple eccentricities can tend to leave longest lasting impression on the mind of passers by. Paired with the right pair of khaki’s and and vintage tee this pair is most definitely the one to go to when looking to stand out.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these at your Adidas Originals retailer or cop them online NOW at Schuh-You.

Thanks to The Shoe Game for putting me on to such a sick pair.

– Deadbeetz


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