15 Jan


Welcome to 2011, Yeah yeah yeah… I know I’m technically 15 days late but like I said in other posts “I dont care, this is MY blog!”.

Your probably wondering why I named this post “REVAMP”. I decided to go with that clever lil number because through the course of the past few weeks I have watched my Twitter and Facebook timelines be consumed with irrelevant posts about how 2011 is going to be a year of momentous change in one form or another. I myself am guilty of said post but not unlike Diplomatic Immunity “I Really Mean It”.

I’m coming at you with a new outlook a different mindset and a completely different objective. As opposed to trying to figure out what types of things you want to read about I decided that I am going to blog about the things me ad my friends talk about, what we experience and what we think are dope.

I found that satisfying the masses is much harder than I ever expecting when deciding to undertake a task as time consuming as keeping up with a blog lol.

So in closing, lets get ready to make this year an incredible one and dont let anybody tell you that you weren’t built for your dreams, after all their your dreams for a reason… right?


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