New Year’s Eve 2011… Hmm what to wear??

31 Dec

Okay so tonight at midnight marks the first day of a new decade and as I’m still laying in bed typing this wearing the same grey Old Navy long sleeve shirt I have worn to bed since the day after Christmas (not because I’m lazy but its comfy lol) , along with a pair of Jordan Brand basketball shorts and a Winter Classic Pittsburgh Pen’s Beanie the only thing that is constantly on my mind is…. What am I going to wear tonight???

Honestly the way you go into a new year is the way you will go out of it. So why not throw a few ideas out there because I know I’m not the only person that has this on their mind.

The freshest kids you know can tell you that an outfit is only the beginning, it takes proper grooming a fresh shave and some pizzazz to pull off that outfit you have been thinking about. So, I’ll give you a few suggestions on grooming and accessories to make whatever you wear your own. After all, we know that no matter how exclusive you are, there’s someone out there some where wearing the same exact thing never fear I will give you some tips to make it yours.


Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution
Once you’ve gotten out of bed and decided you want to start your day, begin your process with the essentials. Dermalogica was actually recommended to me by my roommate, he uses it and says of all the things he has tried this is the only face wash that works. Once I started using it, it became a staple in my day to day. There are different variations of this product so check out the website ( and find the one that works the best for you.

Irish Springs Body Wash
When it comes to soaps and other toiletries of that nature I just like to keep it funky…lol In other words I am really big on not having my soap overpower my cologne and Irish Springs body wash does the trick. It’s a really subtle scent and leaves skin as smooth as a baby’s rump.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo
I have always been one of those guys that didn’t really care about shampoos and conditioners or the welfare of my hair. Not only because I always kept a Low Cesar but also because its just so much easier to wash your hair with whatever the soap of the week is.(I know I’m not the only one who does this) Once again, thanks to my roommate Brian he put me on this amazing shampoo, this stuff literally makes you feel like you gave your head a peppermint I LOVE IT!!

Now that you are so fresh and so clean clean (Sorry I had to), we can move on to what to wear for the evening.


Over recent months, I can honestly say that I have developed an uncanny love for plaids, denim, and basically anything that will either make me look like a lumberjack or a Los Angeles gang member (no offense). So since this is my blog I am going to lace you with the stuff I like ( kicks rocks if your not with it…jk).

Plaid Button-Up
I personally love the feel of plaid in the frigid winter months, but more than anything else I love the assortment of colors they come in. Now, this piece of your wears definitely lacks in exclusivity so I would suggest you add a little flair to it. Maybe wear it around your waist accented with a graphic tee or if you are not so bold throw some pins or promotional buttons on it. Pins are always good conversation starters.

I am pretty basic when it comes to jeans I always love the “Americana” brands like Levi’s. Levi’s is always a staple in my closet, especially the 501 if you are a bigger guy like myself going for a more fashion forward look I absolutely suggest the 501 only because we are too large to wear skinny’s and I just got a voicemail from 1993 and Karl Kani said to pull your effing pants up. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a slight sag in your jeans to keep from having that banana hammock look but there is no reason why everyone you pass needs to see Stewie smiling on the back of your Family Guy boxers.


Now, on to my favorite part of any outfit….

Shoes for me have always been an integral part of being fresh. Ever since I was kid my Grandma always said “The first things girls look at are your shoes” that was the day I became a connoisseur of all things footwear. Not only should your footwear make a statement, but it is also the part of your outfit that ties everything together.

Duck Boots
This past Christmas I was blessed enough to have Santa (My girlfriend Bethany) bring me a pair of Nike ACG Woodside boots. Although the Woodside is not the original silhouette for a Duck Boot it is a fresh take on a classic style. I love Duck Boots not only because they are some of the most comfortable I have ever worn, they also have a functionality that is unmatched by any other boot.

Work Boots
Following along in the same theme as the Duck Boot is the Work Boot. I know most of you, as soon as you read “Work Boot” assumed I was referring to Construction Boots but contrary to popular belief Timberland is not the “Original Boot for the working man”. As a matter of fact Timberland didn’t come out with a work boot until at least 40 years after brands like Red Wing and Chippewa had already cornered the market.

Now on to the part where you make tonight’s wears your own. You can do this in a multitude of ways, some people prefer to keep it simple by wearing a watch they really like or a fresh New York Yankee cap (always classic), but me on the other hand I like to mix it up.



Good Wood 2011 Jesus Piece
As I’m pretty sure all of you have seen, wooden jewelry has pretty much replaced the gold chain and medallion for most of today’s youth. Starting in the 4th quarter of 2009 wooden Jesus pieces became a fashion staple, and like we all know any time something becomes a “fad” the duplicators and bootleggers start climbing out of the woodworks. So Good Wood creator Chris Lee ( remedied his counterfeiting problem by revamping the Jesus piece he became famous for making it available to the public in limited quantities starting 01/01/2011.

Get it while you can at


Now a days, the G-shock watch has become a fashion constant so to add some spunk to your outfit opt out of the g-shock and go for a more grown up look. I have personally invested my time (ha time… get it) into more mature yet fun brands of watches like Flud or Nooka (although Nooka watches are hard to read unless you can tell time in binary) Flud watches however have come up with some fun concepts like the one shown above made of wood with roman numerals around the dial. I recently got a pocket watch for Christmas so instead of hanging my wallet in the front of my jeans I wear that and its turned out great.

So now that you are kitted and outfitted the only thing left to do is go out and make sure you have an amazing time. Don’t forget, not only are you bring in a new year you are also bringing in a new decade so do it BIG and most of all do it responsibly.

Stay safe, stay wise, stay true, and stay YOU…



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