Coming Attractions 2011… Welcome to the show!!!

30 Dec

As we come down to the final days of the first decade of the 21st century I start to think about how ridiculously grateful I am to have been put in the position I am currently in.

2010 turned out to be a year of amazing firsts for me, from the significantly small to the immensely large. From days at the pool to nights at The Nutcracker. The team over here at Dedicated DeadBeetz have been plotting our moves for 2011 and I can guarantee that you will be deeply pleased.
(that’s what she said)

So as we walk out of 2010 and fly into 2011 we are making sure that every step is calculated, every move is premeditated, and every word, drawing and design is done with you in mind. I am pleased to say that we are taking steps to plan the next 10 years of Dedicated DeadBeetz and I couldn’t have dreamed it better.

This year will mark the beginning of a brand and getting to know the friends and family on the frontlines helping to make all of this possible. We will be bringing you in-depth artist interviews, looks at designers that we work closely with and feel you should know about, as well as giving you a look at what makes us tick and basically getting you familiar with a new
generation of trendsetters, and all-around move makers.

So please continue to show love and remember that things are only impossible if we believe they are.

With that said I think there is no better way to start the new year than to give you a hint of things to come…

2011 Coming Attractions

Designer Spotlights
Just letting you get to know some designers we feel have the same drive and vision we do over here at Dedicated DeadBeetz.

Artist Interviews
Shining a light on some of my favorite unsigned artists that are on their way to the top.

Dedicated DeadBeetz Lookbook
Showing you how we wear our wears.

In-depth looks at the people who inspire us
In order to be dedicated we feel you need to be inspired first, so we will give you a brief background on some of the folks who make us want to do what we do.

Special guest bloggers
Not everyone relates to my point of view so what better way to captivate all demographics, than to have all of my friends that live in the blog-o-sphere tell you what’s up with them.

Blog upgrade to post video
Video blogging is the new wave and we are trying to stay steps ahead.

Online store
Do this need explanation?? Lol

Getting to know the team
Connect the names you read with some friendly faces

Blackbook Wednesday
As a self proclaimed “Doodler” every wednesday I’m going to post a new random drawing that has nothing to do with DeadBeetz. (Show me yours and I’ll show you mine) wink, wink…

Weekly advice column
Since my friends feel like they give such good advice (sarcasm). I volunteered them to listen to your issues and respond with how they would react. (Not all responses will be useful or logical)

Street style
I encounter many styles walking through the streets of Pittsburgh and now you get to see
what I see.

“Living In The City”
I will be showing you the places we go to shop, eat, and be merry.

So in closing, take these last few days of the year to remember the good times, get past the bad ones and think about what you want the next 10 years to mean to you.

Stay safe, stay wise, stay true, and stay YOU…

– DeadBeetz


2 Responses to “Coming Attractions 2011… Welcome to the show!!!”

  1. PT December 31, 2010 at 8:31 am #

    You’ve got real skills at the keyboard dedbeetz. I look
    forward to your future musings on the stuff that makes life fully

    • deadbeetz December 31, 2010 at 11:14 am #

      @PT The love is also appreciated, glad you got a good read out of it and please stay tuned there is much more to come.

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