Goal Setting (thanks JB)

5 Dec


Today I was coincidently tagged in a good friend of mine’s note on Facebook. This particular note struck a major chord with me today because I received it as I was putting the finishing touches on the inaugural post for the blog that you are currently reading. The aforementioned note was a quick quiz that I feel most people should take around this type of year, basically examining the things you have done in the past 365 days and the things you plan to do within the upcoming year and how you as an individual will either progress, regress, of stay complacent.

So give it a shot… Wish you all luck and an amazing year!!

Sidenote: the picture up top is my idea of an outlook and yes that is me in the middle…lol

For all of you who are serious about your goals take
a few moments and fast forward to December
31st 2011. What do you see? What do you want to
see is actually a better question?

• What’s your income?

• What’s your physical body like?

• What car are you driving?

• How are your relationships?

• How much cash is in your pocket?

• What vacations did you take?

• How much FUN did you have?

• Are you feeling more secure?

• How about your feelings of freedom?

These are just a few questions to get you started.

Now create the picture in your mind of the successful
answers to all those questions. Feels good doesn’t it?

The next step is to walk backward through each stage of
achievement. What had to happen prior to the achievement
of each goal? And before that? And before that?

It’s important to create the end resul t in advance. Then
it becomes easier to identify the steps that will lead you
to the destination.

That’s one of the reasons that in Performance
Conditioning Systems there is a distinction between
Vision, Goals & Objectives.

• VISION is the big picture, all things blended together.
The physical/health, financial/business, personal/spiritual,
family/relationship, FUN and all other categories.

• GOALS are the components that make up the

• OBJECTIVES are the components that make up
the GOALS.

Use this strategy to clarify your end result and the
steps along the way.

2011 is almost here, no more time to wait. It’s time to
Show Up, Suit Up & Step Up!

Best of Success,

Stay Safe, Stay Wise, Stay True

– DedBeetz

– DedBeetz

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