DedicAted 2 DedBeetz… 20 hours later

5 Dec

Its 5:35 in the morning which means I have literally been working on all things DedicAted DedBeetz for the past 20 some-odd hours, from designing tee shirt templates, to putting together the masterful work of art you are currently reading, to getting sketches ready for scanning… I would’ve never thought the life of a CREATIVE GENIUS *toot toot* could be so demanding… Nah, really I’m JK LOL’ing…This post didn’t just snatch its title out of the air I am really am dedicated to living out my dreams of becoming a not-so-famous yet reasonably successful clothing designer… I say “not-so-successful” because unlike the people who are destroying this business that I love ever so much, I’m NOT in this for a check. I actually love this!!!

So now on to the meatier part of this post how about we look at some pictures of the creative process…

Yes that is a cable knit hat with faux fur on the front panel and in the lining (otherwise refered to as “The Thinking Cap”), and just another FYI Cee-Lo Green and Bruno Mars did indeed serve as the soundtrack for the evenings events. Now if only I could figure out how to get them to read my blog I’d be golden!!

So thats pretty much what I have been working on for the past 2 hours… pretty good huh?

Now for the moment I have been waiting for all night, this is the part of our time together that calls for some crowd participation…

Ok I’m going to post 2 of the templates I mocked up today and there will be a poll following, then at the end of the week which ever shirt wins will be the first of the entire line to be pressed and shipped.

SOOOO HEEERE WE GOO!! (Slick Rick Voice)


3 Responses to “DedicAted 2 DedBeetz… 20 hours later”

  1. JAkk December 5, 2010 at 11:26 am #

    The shirts are ill. But u can be dedicAted to these nutttttsss. U fuckin bitch…

  2. Money December 18, 2010 at 6:51 am #

    Way to hate, message boards are an easy place to be tough

  3. deadbeetz December 31, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    @Jakk glad you liked the shirts, but hey what can I say I guess thats how I know I’m doing something right… Haters! hah!

    @Money no worries my friend, you know I’ve got something cooking

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