D.2.S!! Death 2 Skinnys… Jeans that is!

5 Dec


If you cant already tell by previous pictures I have posted I am a pretty big guy… I mean Im not gross, or sloppy by any means but standing at 6’3 335 lbs. I dont necessarily fit the description of the normal skinny jeans rocker… More power to those who wear them and do their thing but when it comes to “swaggin it out” Im on the complete opposite side of the spectrum with my denim, so I figured that I would share my distain for snug fitting trousers with the rest of the world.

Shout out to Royce da 5’9 for putting out a record I absolutely relate too.. Hopefully you have crawled out from underneath that limestone castle you currently reside in and already know how dope Royce is lyrically, but on this track I guess he decided to flex his vocal chords and give the R&B guys a run for their money (sarcasm)… So tighten your belt and throw a slight sag on your 501’s let the closest hipster know how much you hate their pants..

“How The f*ck ya pants tighter than ya under clothes// Wait a minute Dog, Can You Even Run In Those??” – Murda Mook

Stay Safe, Stay Wise, Stay True

– DedBeetz


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