Nike SB Dunk Low “Entourage” First Look

16 Jun

The popular HBO show, Entourage, has another Nike collaboration underway. This time Entourage linked up with Nike SB, and here’s a first look at the Entourage Nike SB Dunk Low. According to NSB, this Dunk will debut in the first episode of the Final Season of Entourage. A “Lights Out” nickname is also being associated with the Entourage SB Dunk. As you can see, the Entourage logo is seen on the tongue and footbed. No release info, but we’ll keep you in the loop with more details. Would you like to these Dunks release?


Bad Meets Evil x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

15 Jun

To celebrate the collaboration between Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″‘s Bad Meets Evil Hell: The Sequel album, Converse created a limited Chuck Taylor All Star. The Bad Meets Evil Converse Chuck Taylor will be available tomorrow, June 16, at the Converse flagship stores in New York City and Boston. Limited to 100 pairs.

Randomonium Vol. 3

15 Apr

This edition of Randomonium is quite special, here you will see  how we use our “Words”, some pretty cool people, and just a few places and things that aren’t necessarily what you’d expect out of everyday life.

Life & Times of Danny DeadBeets & Co.

How could anyone lose playing SEMEN?!?

I dont think "TITSOR" is a word... Although it would make a gnarley 50 ft monster!


I thought this was hilarious! My opponent?? Not so much... -_-

The old white guy driving was being followed by a bus that had a vanity plate that read "DA BEARS"


I SPOSE I can rock with Spose!! jk Theyre Great!!

My summer look.... Forrealz!!


Follow @SutterInk , the man is an absolute Genius!!!

Her Chucks are black, My All-Stars are Red


We were close!!

Then we were far... uggh!!


1 of 2 OBEY Pieces in Pittsburgh!

Devil Dog!

This is where the Hummus Monster lives.

Hope you all enjoyed!!!
Stay Wise, Stay True, Stay You!
– DeadBeetz

Family Business

5 Apr

Good Day Folks,

Sorry for the time between posts, I have a not so interesting life which sometimes leads me to believe that my existence does not warrant a blog nonetheless a twitter, but that’s neither herrrr nor therrrr….

Sitting at my desk, sipping hot chocolate and reading previous posts, I decided that this blog was taking a turn for the worst in the least exciting way possible. I realized that the people reading had all fallen under this assumption that Dedicated DeadBeetz is a fashion blog, primarily focusing on the clothing and accessories that the writer deemed interesting… THAT IS WRONG! Then again, I also felt that during my last spurt of creative energy I focused mainly on sneakers and fashion, and what made matters worse was the fact that when I looked at the reason a majority of people even found their way to my blog was because of Google searches for the terms Yelawolf, Shady, Vans, Sneakers, Air Jordan, Warhol and Nerd (the last is actually the only one I’m comfortable being directly associated with {no disrespect}). So, in talking about creative solutions with the only person who knows more about me than myself (My Girlfriend Bethany), it was discovered that I was more occupied with trying to fit a standard than being true to that lil blogger in me.

In other words instead of trying to write like NiceKicks or Hypebeast, (both of which are saved as favorites on my laptop) I should be more focused on getting in touch with the people reading what I write, letting anyone who stumbles across my entries inside the mind of kid with a dream, the motivational girlfriend and the 2 year old who somewhere in his over active little mind has it set that he is the human incarnation of both Peter Parker and Spider-man lol.





Coming to a realization that MY blog needs more ME was definitely a hard pill to swallow, but there is still time for adjustments to be made before I slip into Internet Purgatory (where all the bad blogs go).

So I thought that along with more blogs by me, my female readers would be interested in how my lovely counterpart deals with my crap and childish, over protective, sometimes defective behavior and believe it or not she has stated that she LOVES IT!! Aaaah!!!

So exciting huh?!? Stay tuned for more pics of my world and the wonderful and not so wonderful stories of The Life and Times of Danny DeadBeetz and Co.

Stay Safe, Stay Wise, Stay True, Stay You…. and listen to Frank Ocean


Today’s Pair 03•18•11

18 Mar

Damn it feels good to be a DeadBeet!!

– DeadBeetz

Ronnie Fieg x Converse Star Player 75 Deluxe Pack

17 Mar

Ronnie Fieg fills us in on a new set of sneakers he worked with Converse on, made as an exclusive for New York retailer David Z.

Utilizing the Star Player 75, we take a look at both a low top and hi top version, each produced in a tonal colorway utilizing premium calf skin leather with plenty of quality details. A release is set for March 18 (tomorrow), 2011 via David Z. (556 Broadway) as well as Only 300 units were produced with retail set at $110 USD for the navy and $105 USD for the olive ox.

Check the detailed pics below, and if you’re planning on copping online make sure you are logged in 10 am March 18th with credit card in hand because these will be gone quick.

Further information on the project is available here.

“When the Star Player debuted in 1975, it combined everything original, active and cool. Combining iconic Star Chevron style with an unmistakable Converse silhouette, the Star Player was a true game changer. The shoe brought a new dimension to the game and staked its claim all the way from the courts to the street. With classic designs in leather, the Spring 2011 lineup showcases how original designs remain modern.” – Ronnie Fieg

– DeadBeetz

S/O to Sean Quincy Monroe for the pictures & Ronnie Fieg ” The Man with The Midas Touch”

Today’s Pair 03•16•11

16 Mar

– DeadBeetz